Preschool - EYFS British Curriculum
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Preschool - EYFS British Curriculum
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Preschool - EYFS British Curriculum
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Preschool - EYFS British Curriculum
Splash & Play Kids Waterpark

About Safari

why safariSafari International School is a student-focused international school following a British style of Education. We strive to challenge and inspire all learners to develop their skills to nurture values through a love of learning.

Our Preschools are located in 3 prime Areas of Accra - Airport Residential Area, Cantonments and East Legon and our Primary School is located in Cantonments. Each of our schools provide facilities enabling us to give every child the opportunity to thrive. We provide consistent premium care and education for children from Preschool (6 months to 5 Years) and Primary School (6 Years to 11 years).

We offer a “home away from home” experience with high levels of parent partnership and support. This is possible through our dynamic, experienced and highly qualified team who support us in bringing our vision to life.

We believe children learn best when they are engaged and interested in their learning. Our team of talented teachers and support staff observe each child’s interest and create an enriching and inspiring environment for children to thrive on.

We offer an opportunity for children to play, have fun and at the same time develop in a safe, healthy and caring environment. Our aim is to create a perfect launchpad for children and ensure that every child begins regular school as a confident learner.

Safari Curriculum

why safariWe follow the Early Years Foundation Stage framework, which was introduced in the UK in order to maintain and develop the best childcare practices.

At Safari we believe in having a balance between child-led and adult-led approach in introducing children to different areas of learning such as: Personal, Social & Emotional development, Physical Development, Communication & Language (Primary Areas) followed by Numeracy, Literacy, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts & Designs (Secondary Areas).

This balanced approach encourages self-expression and a passion for learning. The teachers lead focused and carefully planned activities in small groups and at the same time observe and assess the child’s development.

At Safari International Preschool we care for children aged 6 months to 5 years with our qualified and dedicated staff in a nurturing environment. We offer carefully designed learning zones, innovative facilities, and a spacious outdoor space to explore. When children turn 5 years old they smoothly transition to Safari International School (Primary section) where we care for children till Year 6 (from 5 to 11 years old). Safari International School is an accredited Cambridge International School.

Parent Partnership

why safariBeing a parent is definitely one of the hardest jobs in the world, and knowing when to let go and allow your child to take risks is very important. This is where Safari International Preschool comes in. We believe in building a close connection with each and every Safari family, and ensure our families feel supported throughout their child’s nursery career. Our teachers and management are always on call if ever you need advice, assistance or a chat over a cup of coffee.

We are passionately committed to working in close partnership with our parents. We believe that parents are the experts on their child and that positive relationships encourage children to achieve and feel happy. As a community we support our families and are always available to help with any questions or concerns. We believe this warm and personal approach is a key element to Safari Experience.

Our HiMama App ensures parents have a daily connection to the child’s teacher and provides updates and reassurance. It allows parents to access learning journals, progress reports, pictures and videos, milestones reached and so much more. We also use the app to develop our teachers' lesson plans for the following week. This allows parents to know what children will be learning tomorrow or next week and therefore provides a continuity of learning. We hold parent teacher meetings throughout the year to allow dedicated time for each child to be discussed in an informal and personal way.

Beginning of schooling

why safariBeginning nursery can be a worry for both child and parents, but we are here to support and assist every step of the way. Meetings allow your queries and questions to be addressed and by sharing key information on the child we can ensure we are prepared for their first day. We settle babies and children into the nursery with warmth, care and a great deal of experience.

It can be a little unsettling for small children to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings and we aim to make those surroundings feel familiar as soon as possible. We do this by supporting your child to form attachments with staff, establishing a routine and giving lots of reassurance and cuddles. Many parents are surprised how quickly their child settles and goes happily to see their new friends.

We strive to provide all children with the very best start to education with a firm commitment to outstanding learning opportunities with children at the heart of everything we do.

Extra Curricular & After School

why safariAt Safari, learning is playful, fun, explorative and varied. We offer a rich program of education and activity and provide multiple opportunities each day for children to express their ideas, make links and ask questions.

Wide range of Extra Curricular & After School activities helps us not only to keep the program exciting for children and develop their interests in various areas but also identify children’s talents and strength in those areas of learning.

Extra Curricular activities are a part of the Safari Program. They are not optional and don’t have an extra charge. We have provision in the nursery for sports with an outdoor area for sports, a kiddy gym & climbing wall, Splash&Play Accra’s first and only kids water park and an indoor soft climbing playground, a cycling area, dance and movement room for children to enjoy. We believe it’s important to establish healthy lifestyle habits for children whilst they are with us in their early years.

Most popular Extra Curricular and After School Activities are French (daily for kids 3+), kids yoga, ballet, soccer, taekwondo, robotics, story telling, Splash&Play, sand & messy play, sensory play, cookery club, creative movement and music.

Programs & Admission

why safariWe have a rolling admission process and enroll children through the year depending on the availability of the space in the classroom.

We place the child in the class strictly by the age of the child on the 31st day of August prior to the start of schooling as follows:

For Preschoolers;
• 0-1 years Babies Class
• 1-2 years Toddlers Class
• 2-3 years Pre-nursery Class
• 3-4 years Nursery Class
• 4-5 years Reception Class

For Primary schoolers;
• 5-6 years Year 1 Class
• 6-7 years Year 2 Class
• 7-8 years Year 3 Class
• 8-9 years Year 4 Class
• 9-10 years Year 5 Class
• 10-11 years Year 6 Class

We also offer 4 programs for families to choose from:

• Morning session (7.30am - 1.30pm) - recommended for children under 2
• Full day program (7.30am - 3.30pm)
• Extended day program (7.30am - 5pm)
• Flexible program (75 days a year or 3 times a week) - not recommended for children 2+


why safariWe welcome visits from families looking to find a school for their child with additional needs. We continually monitor the children and in the event of any concerns the Head of School will meet privately with parents to offer advice and develop a step by step process to enable a full assessment if needed.

We follow the SEND Code of Practice (2014) within the remits of the EYFS to gather information and complete observations if we feel a child is not reaching developmental milestones. In partnership with parents we would then sign-post to services available and develop an IEP (Individual Learning Plan) tailored to the child’s unique needs.

At Safari we have SEN trained staff and offer families daily support and in school therapies integrated in Safari daily routine allowing children to have therapy in a most consistent manner and at times where children benefit from it the most. There may be circumstances where a child needs extra support from a shadow teacher and we would support the family in the recruitment of a suitable professional or offer one of our trained staff members to assist the child through the day. If parents prefer bringing other specialists we welcome them to our environment and allow them to conduct their sessions and work closely with the child's class team.

We welcome visits from families who would like to discuss their child’s needs and consider ways that we can support their learning and development.

Fees Structure

FeesEach academic year has three terms and three camps at the end of each term.

Annual Tuition Fees include:
• Term 1 – September to December
• Term 2 – January to March
• Term 3 – April to June
• All Holiday Camps – Easter, Summer & Christmas
• All Extra Curricular activities
• Access to Splash&Play Kids Waterpark through-out the year.
• 50% discount on entry to Safari’s indoor climbing playground Play Accra.


We have a Price Freeze Guarantee which means you will pay the same tuition fees for your entire duration of study at Safari Pre-School.

Tuition fees also include all holiday camps within the academic year; Easter, Summer & Christmas camps.

Tuition fees don’t include:
• Lunch
• School Uniforms
• Individual working books (starting from Nursery year)
• After School Program
• Optional Programs

At Safari we have fixed tuition fees structure as well as Sibling Discount – 5% discount for each child more than 1 and 10% discount for each child for more than 2.

20% discount on Annual Tuition Payment - if paid upfront.


To enroll at Safari International School follow this simple step by step process:

• Book a tour at one of the Safari School locations
• Read the Safari Parent Handbook
• Complete Registration Forms
• Sign and Submit the Offer Letter
• Complete the registration process
• Prepare the School Bag
• Join Safari

Terms & Conditions

FeesAll offer letters/invoices are billed based on the September to June Academic Year consisting of 3 academic terms and emailed to all Safari Parents prior the first day of school.

All Safari students can commence school only once they have a filled registration form.

In case the signed offer letter has not been returned to the school by the deadline it will automatically mean that terms and conditions of the offer letter have been accepted if:
-The child starts schooling or
-Tuition fees have been paid fully or partially.

Click here to view more detailed Terms & Conditions

Relevant Documents

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  Safari Preschool Cambridge Certificate

  EYFS Learning Objectives

  Parents Handbook(2023-2024)

  Tuition fees structure

  School bag content

  Registration/Application form

  Annual Calendar

  Daily timetable

Safari Airport Residential Area

Safari International School - Airport

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Safari Cantonments

Safari International School - Cantonments

Visit us at
7 Ndabaningi Sithole Rd,
Cantonments - Accra

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Safari East Legon

Safari International School - East Legon

Visit us at
2 Monrovia Rd,
East Legon - Accra

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Safari Tema

Safari International School - Tema

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Community 6 - Tema

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